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Charter reform story from Oregonian

This story mentions the Mt. Tabor land sale in the context of a proposed reform in the structure of Portland government. This story illustrates the importance of the pre-disposition aspect of the project.

Opponents put land in Potter’s hands
Charter – Fliers erroneously say the mayor unilaterally could sell surplus city land if government were changed

Tuesday, May 8, 2007, by Anna Griffin

If Portlanders decide May 15 to change the form of government, the mayor will enjoy a host of new powers.

Yet the one proving the most controversial may not actually exist.

In their mailings and campaign appearances, opponents of Measure 26-91, which would centralize executive power under the mayor, paint a bleak picture of life under a new, stronger mayor system.

It’s right there, for example, in the latest flier to hit mailboxes from Portlanders for Accountability, one of two anti-change groups: “The mayor . . . would even be able to unilaterally sell parkland and other city property without a vote of the City Council.”

“That has to be a mistake,” said former Mayor Bud Clark. “They cannot have seriously meant to give the mayor that power.”

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