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Portland Mercury story, September 2007

Hall Monitor: A (costly) walk in the park, by Scott Moore • September 27, 2007

Nearly a year ago, the Portland Parks and Recreation Department sent Southeast neighbors into a seething frenzy when it entered into an agreement to potentially sell off part of Mt. Tabor Park to Warner Pacific College (a Christian school!).

When the poop hit the fan, Parks director Zari Santner backpedaled, and Parks Commissioner Dan Saltzman denied ever having approved it. The talks with the school quickly ended, but there remained lingering questions—like what to do with the land. The maintenance facility on the space, which services every park in the city, was and is crumbling, and something needs to be done to improve the area and appease the Mt. Tabor neighbors.

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Portland Mercury story, November 2006

The first news coverage of the Mt. Tabor Yard & Nursery issue. Mercury reporter Scott Moore took note of the proposed land sale to Warner Pacific College, former Parks Commissioner Jim Francesconi working for the college, the declaration by Commissioners Leonard and Saltzman that the sale was “off the table,” and Saltzman’s being open to a lease. Required reading.

David vs. Goliath: The Battle for Mt. Tabor Heats Up • November 23, 2006 (There was also a 11/26/07 blog entry on the Mercury’s site, with a few comments. It includes a copy of a letter from Commissioner Leonard to WPC president Jay Barber. Scroll down the page a bit, it’s about 1/4 of the way down.)