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CITY COUNCIL WATCH : Commissioners review supply store contract
December 16, 2005
Author: Ryan Frank; The Oregonian

The City Council on Wednesday debated a proposed extension of its contract with Napa Auto Parts to run the Bureau of Parks & Recreation supply store at Mount Tabor. The council will vote on the proposed extension Wednesday.


In February 2004, the city contracted with Napa in an 18-month pilot project to see whether a privately run store could save money over a city-run shop by buying in bulk.

An audit in August by Keith Crawford & Associates found the city spent twice as much on supplies under the Napa contract. The city spent $1 million on supplies, such as lawn mower blades, while under the Napa contract between February 2004 and February 2005. The year before, the city spent $511,283.

Yet, Crawford said, Napa had discretion over about only one-quarter of the purchases. The remaining purchases were made to vendors mandated by the city and by employees who bought supplies at stores such as Home Depot.

On the purchases Napa had control over, the company saved the city $240,000 to $260,000 compared with the city operation of the parks store, Crawford said.

No one knows yet whether the city saved money while contracting with Napa. The answer depends on how much inventory sits in the store.

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Daily Journal of Commerce article/NAPA Auto Parts

Portland bureau shows savings with private procurement

Daily Journal of Commerce

May 21, 2004
by Jessica Swanson

The Portland Bureau of Parks and Recreation is a little more than two months into an 18-month pilot program with Genuine Parts Co. to contract out warehouse services. The deal with Genuine Parts, better known as NAPA Auto Parts, has produced more than $35,000 in savings over that last two months on the procurement of goods under $5,000.

NAPA promised the bureau $200,000 in savings by providing parts and delivery of parts over the 18-month period, or the company would write the city a check for the difference. Mary Huff, operations manager for the city bureau, thinks the savings will exceed $300,000.
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NAPA Auto Parts contract article

Portland Bureau of Parks & Recreation’s outsourcing saves money, worries union
By Jessica Swanson
Daily Journal of Commerce
Friday, February 13 2004

The Portland Bureau of Parks and Recreation will begin an 18- month pilot program with Genuine Parts Co., better known as NAPA Auto Parts, to contract out warehouse services in March. …